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Bamboo bedding with filling for crib, gondola and stroller- Forget-me-nots

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quilt: 60cm x 75cm -/+ 2cm

pillow : 23cm x 33cm -/+ 2cm

Material : 100% CV Bamboo

Filling: anti-allergenic silicone fleece


Bamboo bedding set with anti-allergenic filling.

Thanks to its small size, the set is perfect not only at home in a cradle/cot/Moses basket but also as bedding for a stroller for walks.

The pillow is flat so that the youngest can use it. The head of the newborn is placed on it according to the recommendations of speech therapists and specialists.

Bedding with permanently sewn-in filling is a phenomenal solution for parents who value convenience of use - they can be washed often, completely thrown into the washing machine. This guarantees cleanliness, which is extremely important for allergy sufferers.

The bedding is made on both sides of high-grade 100% Viscose Bamboo . Warm and fluffy filling makes the baby feel great in it at any time of the year. Soft and lightweight filling is certified certified silicone fleece, which allows air to pass through providing proper access to oxygen, is non-allergenic, and does not retain moisture so that our baby has excellent sleeping comfort.

PULP baby bedding has a beautiful, unusual design, which will perfectly blend into the modern interior design of a fashionable mom.

The size of the bedding is ideal from the first moments of life. 

The set includes a quilt measuring 60 x 75 cm / +/- 2 cm and a pillow 23 x 33 cm / +/- 2 cm.

The set will be an unforgettable, stylish gift for Baby Shower, birthday or any other occasion.

The product is sewn in Poland, by hand using the best quality materials.

All PULP products contain the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certificate (approved for direct contact with the skin of a newborn baby). Bedding finished according to the Gots Certificate Standard

Wash without worrying about loss of quality:

- wash at 40°, delicate program, light spin,

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