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Bamboo swaddle - Dark Deer

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Size: 100cm x 110cm +/-2cm

Material: 100% CV Bamboo


Bamboo wrap is perfect for summer and beyond.

Due to the unique properties of bamboo, the wrap has many uses: a wrap for the youngest, the newborn in the "cocoon" feels safe, calms down and sleeps better; a blanket during hot days, a cover for the stroller from the sun - thanks to the thermoregulatory properties of bamboo fabric during hot weather keeps the temperature lower by 2 degrees than the ambient. Made of 100% bamboo CV, unearthly nice wraps the body, prevents overheating and sweating of the baby, recommended for AD (atopic dermatitis). In addition, it is impossible to miss the most important properties of bamboo:

The product is: antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-allergenic

 free from pesticides and pollution

 water absorption 60% higher than in cotton

 neutralization of unpleasant odors (absorbs unpleasant odors and gives them up only when washed in water)

 With each wash, the wrap becomes even softer.  As a result of intensive use and frequent washing, bamboo products may undergo natural wear and tear - the fabric may become stretched or wrinkled. This type of wear and tear is not grounds for complaint.

Dyeing agents are human and environmentally friendly, as evidenced by the OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certificate.

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